How big is the Farm?


12 000 ha.

Which arrangements must I make with regards to border crossing?

Determine beforehand if border is open for bringing in fresh produce, meat and diary.  If applicable, ask for a permit to bring them in.

What arrangements must I make to bring in my vehicle and/or trailer?

Bring original registration papers with for border crossing.  If vehicle is financed, ask for papers from financial institution.

What costs are involved with a border crossing?

Please note that these prices are for passenger vehicles and may differ for larger vehicles. Roadworthy Permit, valid for year in which it was taken out ±P50.00. Road Accident Fund valid for 3 months: ± P40.00, Short Term Permit: once off fee of ± P60.00.

What vehicles are available, should I want to make use of one?

A Landrover Gameviewer, Land Cruiser Hunting Vehicle and a Landrover Hunting Vehicle are available.

Can I drink the water?

Yes. The water is drinkable. Kwalata Camp Fully Catered guests will have bottled water available at no extra charge.

Is it safe to walk around the camps?

Yes, it is safe, but at night the hippopotami come out to graze, so care should be taken not to go in-between them and the water.  There are leopards moving around on the river banks at times, so it is always advisable to walk in pairs.

Can I swim in the river?

No, it is unsafe as there are plenty of crocodile and hippopotami.

What are my chances of getting Malaria?

Chances are very slim, as we are situated in a Malaria free zone, but it is advisable to bring anti-mosquito sprays/lotions, as we do have mosquitos and they can become bothersome.

Do you have air conditioners in the tents?

Yes, there are air conditioners in every tent in our main Camp.

Are there special requirements with regards to bringing in my rifle?

Yes, you will need a temporary permit, which you are able to obtain from your local police station and we will be glad to provide you with the necessary letters to assist you in this application.

Can you arrange for my trophy to be exported?

Yes, we can assist you in making arrangements for the export of your trophy.

What are the airstrip specifications and what do I do with regards to immigration when I land?

The airstrip is 900m and is certified up to a King Air.  You will, however, first have to land and be cleared at Gaborone or Machatu before proceeding to Kwalata.

Who do I contact to get all relevant information of all institutions / organizations to get the necessary permits / permissions?


You are more than welcome to contact Jasper van der Linder on +267 725 71262  /  jasper@kwalataranch.com


What are the coordinates of Kwalata?


Entrance via Ngwapa S23’00”.836 E027’48”.003
Kwalata Camp: S23’03”.373 E027’55”.635
DumaTsa Camp: S23’03”.470 E027’55”.485
Airstrip: S23·03.513’ E027·54.399’


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Kwalata Camp


The luxurious main camp, Kwalata, is surrounded by scenic bush, rich in birdlife. It has a spectacular view of the Limpopo River and is surrounded by big indigenous trees. Enjoy an ice cold drink on our deck and drink in the rest and calmness that we offer you. This is the place to be if you love to do bird watching and animal browsing on the Limpopo river bank.


Waterfall Camp


Our Self-catered camp, DumaTsa Camp, caters for up to 12 people and is ideal for those who prefer luxury and comfort but not the fuss usually associated with it. The camp is nestled amongst big indigenous trees on the banks of the Limpopo river and will allow you the opportunity to cater to your every whim.